About us

Long connection with founders of cohousing movement


Our mission is to create and build high functioning neighbourhoods that promote a sense of belonging in its individual and family members. Shared facilities, events and day to day interactions build relationships that make life easier and more enjoyable


Our vision is to cultivate a thriving urban landscape through the creation of high functioning neighbourhoods through a partnership with the future residents. These are places where neighbors care for each other, celebrate diversity, and have a strong sense of belonging and community.


The purpose of our non-profit organization is to foster community and provide housing
solutions through the development of cohousing communities or other social purpose real estate. We strive to
promote sustainable living practices and facilitate social cohesion by creating intentional communities where
individuals can live in harmony with one another and the environment. Our goal is to empower individuals to
lead fulfilling lives while contributing to a greater social good through collaborative decision-making, shared
resources, and mutual support. Through our work, we aim to enhance the quality of life for our members and
the broader community while promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Creating places that enhance the human experience.

History of living in cohousing and working together

Jennifer Mollins

Jennifer discovered cohousing in late 2019 when she moved to Pacific Gardens with her family, and is excited to help spread the word about this amazing lifestyle. Jen helps us communicate better about cohousing.

Yonas Jongkind

Yonas has lived a in three different of Cohousing Communities and was instrumental in the financial support of a variety of communities. He has always been ready with assistance around finding land and feasibility studies and setting up early workshops as he has recently done in the Lost Lake project.